This is a form where you can give feedback on how well we managed to help you and what could we do better. Your feedback will help us improve our work in interests of victims. Both critique and good words about our work are welcome.

Please note that it is not possible to report on a crime through the feedback form. This must be done on the website of the police at

Report on the emergency situation immediately to the emergency call number 112.

It would take about 10 minutes to respond to the questionnaire. The answers will be saved only if you have answered to all questions below.

What is your general impression about our work?
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We present you 10 statements. Please provide your evaluation and if you desire, please explain with what you were / were not satisfied

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I was explained everything clearly and sufficiently
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Procedural acts were conducted quickly
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I felt safe while communicating with the authority
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I was treated politely
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Communication was supportive
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I received sufficient assistance
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I was explained how the costs related to the procedure are compensated
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I was explained possibility of compensation for the caused damage
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The case was resolved fairly in my view
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I feel like the work at the authority helped me
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If you wish to provide feedback also about other institutions, start filling in the questionnaire here. 

Thank you!

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